Time Like Masks - eReader w Man Hand - New Text 5 - Smaller PixelAmazon Reviews:

  • “This is a very touching little story, a vignette on growing up as a native American. A story about learning to overcome fears. I will definitely read more of Oscar Hokeah’s writing.”
  • “‘Time Like Masks’ rightly brings some discomfort to the page and is also rich in culture and compassion. In my opinion it is a worthwhile investment for anyone’s library. Hokeah’s young Cherokee boy, Carl, will stay in my thoughts for a long time to come and I am indebted to Hokeah for this.”
  • “This is a very well written and informative read by a talented human being.”

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Time Like Masks

Our Dance - eReader w Man Hand - New Text 2 - Smaller PixelAmazon Reviews:

  • “Mr. Hokeah’s story-telling is right up there with Sherman Alexie, in my humble opinion. Mr. Hokeah had me laughing, shedding a tear or two. An excellent read!!”
  • “…empowered portrayal of life as lived during this sequence of events. I enjoyed his story and believe you will too.”
  • “A very readable and enjoyable story that flows seamlessly from start to finish. It describes the same milestone in the lives of two friends, remembered fondly and unabashedly by the narrator for the low points as well as the highs, and ending on just the right note.”
  • “I can really relate to this story as I have seen some of this native culture up close and personal…Several parts of the story made me laugh out loud and it make you think: Kiowa’s must have many spirit guides/angels watching over them!”
  • “I love all types of literature and this was highly enjoyable. It has some funny moments and some touching ones.”
  • “It also reveals an intriguing glimpse of the power plays of Native American inter-tribal relationships in Oklahoma. Entertaining and educational, Hokeah’s wit and sparse prose left this reader hungry for more. A memorable read, and highly recommended.”

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Our Dance