Kiowa & Cherokee

You can find the Stopp family (Cherokee) in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and the Hokeah family (Kiowa) in Lawton, Oklahoma.  Family on my Kiowa side (Hokeah, and Tahsequah through marriage) organized the Oklahoma Gourd Dance Club for over a decade, and I have many family members actively involved with the Comanche War Scouts Society, Comanche Little Ponies Society, and the Kiowa Tia-Piah Society.


I’ve spent over fifteen years empowering Native American communities.  From my work in Santa Fe, NM with Intermountain Youth Centers and the Santa Fe Mountain Center, I’ve worked with Pueblo, Apache, and Navajo peoples.  Currently, living in my home town of Tahlequah, Oklahoma (in the heart of Cherokee Nation), I work with Indian Child Welfare, where I give back to the community that nurtured and embedded the Indigenous values I pass along to my children.