From Sellouts to the American Indian Movement: How Long Hair and Braids Continue to Defy Erasure

I'm going to decode some deep self-hating language.  This will be a sneak peek into the modern world of Native America and how we Natives have expertly taken over for the colonizer and started oppressing ourselves.  We Native people have many disparities to overcome and the greatest disparity isn't poverty, addiction, or trauma.  It's each [...]

Catch an In’din by His Toe: How Scapegoating Practices Disrupt Native Discourse

There's a lot of insecurities in our very small Native world.  Native identity is a funky thing.  And people are people and people love power (even the ones who say they don't).  We hold things over each other.  Sometimes these are purposeful attacks and sometimes we're just reaching into the dark for anything we can weaponize.   Unfortunately, identity [...]