From Sellouts to the American Indian Movement: How Long Hair and Braids Continue to Defy Erasure

I'm going to decode some deep self-hating language.  This will be a sneak peek into the modern world of Native America and how we Natives have expertly taken over for the colonizer and started oppressing ourselves.  We Native people have many disparities to overcome and the greatest disparity isn't poverty, addiction, or trauma.  It's each [...]

A Call to Gurus

This article is a confession to my gurus.  Well, maybe more of an apology.  Or a humble request for forgiveness.  Okay, it's a mixture of all three.  Sometimes I can be an asshole.  More so when I was younger and before life kicked my sorry brown ass into submission.  People say they love writers who [...]

The Crocodile, the Goat, and the Unicorn: Unique Approaches to Character Development by Unifying Karpman’s Drama Triangle, Evolutionary Astrology, and Stanislavski’s Method Acting

There I am, like you, and so many writers, sitting at my computer and starting a new writing project.  I'm drawing up characters because this story has been running through mind for years and it's finally ready to go onto a page.  Since I already have a working idea of who my main character is [...]