Native Writers Made ABA’s Indies Introduce List & my Appearance on Library Journal’s Day of Dialogue

It’s been a day. A good day. Busy, but good busy. Got some great news. Well, I guess I got the news a couple weeks back and sat on it until today. Why? Because today was the day the American Booksellers Association made the announcement for this year’s Indies Introduce list. And guess what? My debut novel, CALLING FOR A BLANKET DANCE, made the list! Only 10 adult fiction novels are selected each year, and it looks like 2022 was my year.

My novel releases on July 26, 2022, which is just under three months away. My stomach is starting to get butterflies now when I think about it. The date feels so close right now. It’ll be here before we know it. I’ve started doing events to promote my book. Many have been on Zoom, which is super convenient and we get to connect with more people now that we do some of these events online. I hope this aspect stays in the bookselling world. It makes a lot of sense. So much so, I’m not sure why this hadn’t already been a feature before the pandemic.

So this morning Algonquin Books reaches out to me with the link to the ABA (aka American Booksellers Association) where they made the announcement. I’d been waiting for this day. I got a call a couple weeks back from Calvin Crosby, who owns The King’s English Bookshop in Salt Lake City, Utah, and he informed me that he recommended my debut to ABA. In addition, the team at Algonquin Books, with the wonderful Lauren Moseley at the helm, did wonders to get my novel noticed by the ABA committee. I’m feeling so humbled and grateful to be included on this list. You can find the full list here: Indies Introduce.

In addition to my debut novel, another Native writer, Morgan Talty, has his debut, NIGHT OF THE LIVING REZ, listed as well. What a great day for Native writers! This new renaissance of Native literature is proving to be quite exciting. Amazing new talent coming on the scene. Morgan is from his tribal community, and I’m super excited for his debut. It’s my personal most anticipated novel of the year.

Today I also had a virtual event through Library Journal called Day of Dialogue. My fellow panelists were Zain Khalid, Kali Fajardo-Anstine, Mohsin Hamid, and John Manuel Arias, who all have amazing new novels. It was recorded and will be posted on the Library Journal’s website for the next three months. Just register for the Day of Dialog event and you’ll be taken to screen where you’ll want to click the “Live Sessions” icon. Then scroll down until you find the “Fiction: Social Justice Perspectives,” click, and start watching. In the recorded session, you’ll get to hear details on our books. I discuss the main crux of the novel and all the cultural and community aspects of the main character, Ever Geimausaddle. I also talk about the amazing and “stunning” cover of the novel. If you have a minute, pop over and check out the talk.

So today was an awesome day. Got some great news to share and had a lively discussion with some fellow writers. I’ll be doing more promotional events via Zoom in the coming months. Also, look out for some magazine articles and podcasts that will be hitting the public in July and August. I’ll also be posting my book tour dates and places in the coming months. So stay tuned to my blog.

Would you like to read the novel before anyone else? Goodreads is having a book giveaway for CALLING FOR A BLANKET DANCE. It ends on May 16th so don’t hesitate. This is the last giveaway before the July 26, 2022 release date. Win one of the 30 FREE copies by going here: Goodreads Giveaway.


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