Independent Bookstore Day!

There are some great bookstores in your community. And today is a great day to stop by. It’s independent bookstore day and local businesses need us to shop local to sustain the unique qualities of our specific communities. Local bookstores do great things like support artists, hold readings for children, and give authors a community platform to share their work. If you haven’t attended your local bookstore, please take the time to stop in today. Once we get in the habit of shopping at our local bookstores, we foster a network of creativity, compassion, and spirit.

What most folks don’t know about the local independent bookstore ecosystem is how they can find, order, and discover new and exciting titles for anyone. Most local the bookstores also do business online. Need something specific? They can find it for you, and you’ll be helping support a local business stand strong against hard economic times. As we all know, the Covid pandemic hit businesses hard, including your local bookstore. Now is a great time to show how much we appreciate their resilience in staying steadfast during those hard times.

I’d like to talk about my local bookstore in Tahlequah, Oklahoma: Too Fond of Books. Not only is it the center of the creative and artistic community, it’s also Cherokee owned! Yes, the owners are fellow members of the Cherokee Nation. So please lend them a helping hand and check out their online products. Reach out to them. They’re friendly and eager to help customers find what they’re looking for. You can find their site here:

Those of you who’ve been following my blog know about my debut novel, Calling for a Blanket Dance. It releases on July 26, 2022. The publisher, Algonquin Books, is well respected in the industry and does wonders in supporting writers of color. If you’re open to reading a novel about how Native families surround each other with love, guidance, and resilience, ask your local bookstore to pre-order a copy of the book for you. The main character, Ever Geimausaddle, navigates the ups and downs of a working class environment in Oklahoma, which is host to 39 different tribes. He’s surrounded by his Kiowa, Cherokee, and Mexican relatives, and he’ll show you a new slice of the headland of America. So ask your local independent bookstore to get you a copy of Calling for a Blanket Dance.

One response to “Independent Bookstore Day!”

  1. I just want to say that sometimes people don’t know just how much a privilege it is to have access to a bookstore ir even a free library. When I lived in Mexico a short time in Chiapas of local tribal lands there were only internet cafe that we had to pay for by the minute. And no access to free learning or books. No book stores at all actually. So the fact that I came from a place with access to free learning and bookstores I longed for them. And when I came back I appreciated the fact that we have access to them here. So important.

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