“Oh, Brawling Love. Oh, Loving Hate.”

Degrees of love in abundance, and the smallest amount of hate lingers.  But it only takes a small amount of darkness to cast shadows throughout the light.  But my question is this:  Is it love that keeps hate in existence?

Good v. EvilThose familiar with my blog know I contemplate any and all things in the macro.  And it might seem romantic that I would sit around and think about love, but I do.  Not necessarily in the romantic sense of Hollywood movies, more romantic in the sense of romanticization of esoteric matters:  like metaphysics.

Love and hate and all in between consumes my mind in this madness to understand and find solutions for a self-destructive social order. You see, my perspective dictates there is more advancement (evolution if you like the term) in cooperation, and in fact there is more evidence of cooperation in the natural world–rather than competitiveness.  Darwin would agree.  But those who kidnapped Darwin (along with his scholarship) would not.

 “The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” ― Charles Darwin

It is the need for a hyper-social-order that keeps competitiveness in society, so ultimately we are keeping ourselves limited.  If we cooperated more than competed, then we could take faster and larger leaps into “evolution.”  I don’t agree with the term, but I’ll use it because it is so popular, and I’ll have to offer my explanation of why I disagree for a different nerdy post.

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” ― Charles Darwin

Here I’ll tell you my thoughts on love.  Not love in emotion, more love in concept.  As the application of love as being actions of benevolence.  I’ve come to understand love is abundant and ultimately is selfish.  Love has compassion for all things, including itself.  It cannot extinguish itself.  In fact, the concept of self-destruction would not even enter love’s mechanism.  But because it cannot extinguish itself it requires the presence of hate.

Hate is ultimately self-destructive and would love nothing more than to convince love to allow it’s own demise.  In fact, hate has already destroyed itself to the point of only allowing the smallest amount of its existence to remain.  There is only a slither of hate in existence.  Hate cannot complete the act because love will not allow hate to do so.  Why? Because love needs hate, hate does not need love.

Love keeps all concepts in creation.  It is, more or less, the energy form of glue.  It is love that desires to have all possibilities to exist.  Anything that is possible will be made possible because love wills it to do so.

Does this mean in love’s most insecure state it uses and abuses hate?  All the most destructive qualities in existence is not the pure existence of hate.  It is a mixture of love and hate.  Someone loves their religion so much they would hate someone from a different religion to the point of genocide.  Same goes with race.   Same goes with all material concepts:  sex, gender, class, region, dialect, etc., etc.

It’s almost as if hate distorts love in an act of rebellion against not be allowed to extinguish itself.

Same goes with myself, my own existence is a combination of the two.  If I could answer this for myself, then maybe there would be no reason to answer it for anyone else.

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(The image above was borrowed from flickr)

16 responses to ““Oh, Brawling Love. Oh, Loving Hate.””

  1. Thank you, Chuck. I’m glad the post has challenged you. I find myself thinking about these concepts often. I’m not sure why. I seem to contemplate energies interacting with each other and what goes into it. Thank you for stopping by Chuck. I hope to see you here again.


  2. What you have written is quite thought provoking. I love writing that challenges my thinking. I don’t know much about love, but i do know that mine is unconditional. I’ve worked hard to make it that way. No conditions.

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  3. I like yours, too. This is a neat topic!

    I’m afraid I may have miscommunicated in my excitement: I mean sacrifice like altruism, sacrifice without any implied reciprocated responsibility. Just… a gift.

    That act of love would, of necessity, extinguish the being (or situation, I suppose) in the giving. But do you think that it also brings an end to the love because of the finality of the gift? Or does the love extend beyond the end of the vessel? If yes, do you think the love extends even if the person/entity/group being loved (sacrificed for) may not witness it? (Does the love cease to exist if it is not witnessed?)

    I can see what you mean about hate being involved in sacrifice because of the figurative violence of an Ending. Maybe I’m being overly-romantic (as in romanticism), but I’d like to think the love survives the hate. That it’s impossible to extinguish actual, true, selfless love.

    What do you think?


  4. When I think about it it seems like sacrifice is the amalgamation of love and hate together. It’s the act of love in its ultimate selfishness, where it keeps hate alive for it’s final use, which would be the sacrifice of itself. This would mean love needs hate in order to find the possibility of destruction. Otherwise it would not be able to attain the final act. It seems to me love takes any and all concepts and melds itself with love. Don’t get me wrong. I’m human and I love love. I want to believe love is the ultimate conclusion for all creation. But I also open my mind to consider any variable. So I come to the conclusion love needs hate but hate doesn’t need love. Hate can function without love, but love needs the presence and existence of all things and all concepts. Everything which is possible will be possible because it is love who wills it to be. I’m not sure if sacrifice is a pure an act of love, as it seems to weaponize matordom. As in, “see what I’ve done for you,” which is not pure love. It needs the slither of hate to make it so.

    Or at least that’s what I’m thinking right now. Maybe something will dawn on me later and I’ll come back and repost.

    Thank you, AZ. I like your thinking.

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  5. So about the concept of sacrifice as related to your love/hate thoughts: I would call sacrifice an embodiment of love, but then would that constitute love extinguishing itself? Or do you think the act itself keeps love alive in the surviving party (or witnesses, however chronologically near to the event itself)?

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  6. I’ve reflect on the same thing and often come to the same conclusion. I guess it’s the binary within myself between idealism and realism that keeps hoping for the Utopia. Maybe it’s all perspective, but I’m not sure if it’s that easy either. There are some truly brutal people out there who harm others at the drop of a hat, and then there are others who are so generous they seem be angelic with their compassion. The ebb and flow. I guess we have to get used to the back and forth sway. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your insights. It’s always nice to run across people who also reflect on these matters.

    Wa’do, brother. Much love and stop by anytime.

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  7. I have always felt that love could not exist in only itself alone. There is no chance that there will be such an Utopian life for very long, if it could be made, because stagnation of some sort would set in and allow for evil or hate to come to life again. Much like a seed that remains dormant for many years despite the harsh conditions against it then a little bit of rain comes and out it sprouts.

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  8. That’s a profound, possibly endless, question. I like how you provided all your substantiating evidence. Now I’ll offer my thoughts.

    Various philosophies throughout human history say there’s no such thing as good and evil, only two opposites. So following that, love and hate have to both exist in equal measure in order for either to exist. How can you know it’s hate if you don’t know love?

    Many other philosophies state that it’s possible to exist with only love, and no hate, At the same, and I’m sure we’ve all seen evidence of this, entirely possible to exist with only hate.

    I don’t disagree with either philosophies. I’m just offering my own thoughts.

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