Workshop Critiques: A Donation Based Program Designed to Change Editorial Services

Writers work in isolation.  We spends hours upon hours sitting at a computer exercising craft at all hours of the day.  Then we complete a draft.  Maybe a short story.  Maybe a novel.  We sit back in our chairs and take a deep breath.  The first round is finished.  Time for a second wind.  But before we do so, we ask ourselves, “Could this story use some feedback?”  The answer is always yes.  But then flashes of dollar signs enter our minds eye and we wish there was an affordable way to get feedback.

1531158997206I’ve been there many times, and, in fact, recently.  Then I thought to myself, “I bet there are other writers who are in the same situation.”  After a couple of weeks of researching options like writer’s conferences, online workshop classes, and editorial sites, I kept running into the same brick wall:  finances.  I just don’t have the money to pay $800 to someone to read my book through an online class or at an editorial site.  Certainly, I don’t have the thousands of dollars to throw into a writer’s conference.

Then in the middle of this marathon’s run to find a solution it hit me:  donation based.  What if I offered writers the opportunity to get feedback without the high dollar price tag?  What if I asked writers to simply donate what they could afford for feedback?

To learn more click here:  Critique Services.

5 thoughts on “Workshop Critiques: A Donation Based Program Designed to Change Editorial Services

  1. Outstanding proposition
    would really enjoy a forum of peers
    And support of future works
    I enjoy reading all prose
    But the nectar and the flower differ..
    …as the poet,poem
    Luminosity of imagination is my new recent venture ,similar to Astral projection
    …travel into the mind of said works
    there lies the nucleus of the originator

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    1. I think there are forums out there, from what I’ve heard. But I haven’t explored enough to find out. Sounds like great visualization with “luminosity of imagination.” I can’t agree more. The story tells us what it wants. One of my tenants as well. Thank you for check out my stuff. I hope you come back.

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