Non-Competitive Modus Operandi

You were plugging away on the keyboard, doing your thing, writing your stories, singing the songs you want to sing, and then out of nowhere you get attacked by some overly competitive asshole.   If you’re not competitive, then why would someone go out of their way to compete against you?

images2TBGFNM5I run into this often.  There are people who compete against others to achieve goals and then there are people who compete against themselves to achieve goals.  I’d fall into the ladder group.  I teach my children to compete against themselves because it’s a better system for success.  And you don’t have to tear someone down in the process.  I hate to think in binaries because it tends to be reductive, but in this regard I wonder if there are people who get their energy from tearing people down and then others who get their energy from building people up.  Maybe that’s vampirism and not binary.

For a quiet guy who keeps to himself people tend to give me a lot of attention.  I’m not sure why that is.  But that’s always been the case.  I’m not competitive.  I have achieved quite a bit in my life, especially as a dark skinned Native male.  We are more likely to end up in prison.  I have a master’s degree in English with a concentration in Native Lit.  I have a BFA in Creative Writing.  I’ve published a handful of short stories.  I wake up every day to write on my novel, which I’m revising to perfection for those publishers out there.


I’ve done all these things because of a personal goal to become a working writer.  I’ve never tried to outdo anyone.  I’ve never tried to write better than anyone.  Even in the workplace I’m not competitive.  I show up to work, do my job, and go home.  All in all, I lead a pretty boring life.  My life is to love my kids and write my stories.  I don’t think of anyone else in that mix, meaning there is literally no one on my radar that I compete against.  I have so much going on in my personal life that I don’t even have the time to think about those competitive assholes.  But maybe the competitive assholes have little to nothing going on in their lives so they have to go out of their way to attack people like me, who keep to themselves.  In that, those are some sad folks.

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